I currently have a small but rapidly growing team and would love for you to join and become a part of our Stampin’ Up! family. I know you have lots of questions so i hope this page helps to answer them. If you need to talk through it in more detail to see if its the right opportunity for you then please contact me and i’ll be happy to help.

Q. How much does it cost?

The starter kit is £99.

Q. Whats in the starter Kit?

In this kit you get to choose £130 worth of product from any of the current catalogues. You also get a business pack with catalogues, order forms and everything you need to get your business started. It also comes with free delivery to your home address.

During Sale-a-bration you can choose even more. Sale-a-bration runs from 4th Jan – 31st March 2017 and during this time you can get everything in the standard kit and also choose 2 additional stamp sets of your choice for free.

Q. I’ve seen you do videos on Youtube do I have to do that?

Simple answer is no. Stampin’ Up! is flexible with how you run your business. I choose to run my business online because it fits around my family life. As I don’t have face to face classes I use Youtube as my class room to interact with other crafters and show how great and easy it is to use Stampin’ Up! products.

Q. Do I have to Demonstrate?

I would love for you to build your business and demonstrate your love of the products, but you don’t have to. If you can manage the quarterly minimums from your own purchases then you can just benefit from the discounts and deals. However if you choose to sell some bits to friends and family, or have a class or party you can still do that at anytime.

Q. What are the quarterly minimums and when do the quarters start?

The quarters run every 3 months, so Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul- Sept, Oct – Dec. The quarterly minimums are £270 (300 csv). These can be from personal purchases or from your sales to friends, family, co-workers etc.

Q. The quarterly targets sound too much for me. How will I manage that amount?

I know that sounds like a large amount but it really is manageable. That £270 figure is retail price and all demonstrators get discount so that figure will reduce. It works out to around £75 a month, £37.50 per fortnight, £18.50 per week or break it down to the smallest figure it works out to roughly £2.41p a day. See doesn’t seem so scary now does it.

Q. What discounts/commissions do I get?

You start with 20% discount/commission of on all orders.

Q. Can I earn/get more than 20%?

Yes! from your own personal sales you can earn up to an extra 15% in commission based on your monthly sales/purchases. You can earn promotional titles that can boost your minimum discount to 25% and if you have a team there are lots of extra earning potentials there too.

Q. What happens if I don’t meet my minimums?

You will be given an extra month to try and achieve them, but if you don’t you are not required to return anything to Stampin’ Up!. Your not obliged to do anything more and you aren’t tied in to anything. You will become ‘inactive’ and no longer be able to sell or buy at the discount price. However, should you want to rejoin, you can join the same upline immediately bu buying a fresh starter kit. But should you wish to join another upline you must wait 90 days.

Q. I live 150 miles from you, can I still join your team?

Of course! as long as you are based in the UK, you can join the Intatwyne Designers.

Q. Can I read the terms and conditions?

Yes, I recommend that everyone does. You can find the legalese here.

Q. Do I have to have a blog?

No, having a blog can be beneficial but it is not essential. you can run a successful business without online interaction. Many run theirs through face to face classes, workshops, hosting parties. There are many different ways to have success.

Q. At this point I only want to buy a few things for me, but I think I might want to make this a business in the future, Can I still do that?

Yes!! This was in fact how I started. I only signed up for the discount in the beginning but as time went on (over a year in fact) I saw the benefits of having a business doing something I love and decided to start my Stampin’ Up! business. Whichever ‘path’ you choose, I will be here to support and encourage you with your Stampin’ Up! journey.

Hope that has helped answer some questions, if not feel free to contact me and i’ll be happy to answer your question. Remember everyone is different so even if you feel it might be a silly question still ask because there is a reason that question popped into your head.



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