Why did I join Stampin’ Up?

  • February 12, 2018
  • by

We’ve been talking about our why’s recently and I thought I would share my why with you all. So back in June 2015, I entered a fantastic journey brought on by a birthday gift from my Mumma. (Yep you guessed it that’s when I got my Stampin’ Up! starter kit).

We’re all friends so I’m ok in sharing that I was going through a really dark time by that point. A few years before I had been made redundant for the second time (I do miss my woollies discount.) and I had an operation that didn’t go too well and left me having to go backwards and forwards for tests and investigations all while being in pain for a few years which began to take its toll on me and I didn’t really want to do much of anything for a couple of years. My life had gone into autopilot and consisted pretty much of taking my daughter to school, resting away the pain while she was there and doing as much as I could when she came home. I’d given up on goals, dreams and except to take my daughter to and from school I hardly left the house. I was surrounded by family but it didn’t help to shake it.

During this time I quit paper crafting because the frustrations just added to me feeling pants. I hated that I couldn’t co-ordinate card, paper or ribbons and it used to take hours just to make and decorate a simple box or card, I would spend a ton of money on ink and card that just ended up in the bin. No matter how many brands I dug into I just couldn’t get things to look like I wanted them. I had heard of Stampin’ Up! But I don’t think they were in the UK at that point. So I quit but found I still needed that creative outlet.

Eventually I took a jewellery making class and loved it. The first was making a copper bead. If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend it. There’s something really satisfying about getting to add flames to metal, cutting it up, hammering, bashing it, soaking it in acid and then coming out with something beautiful at the end. Lol

At this class I met someone that introduced me to the world of beads and beading. The bead shop was like being a kid in a candy shop. Gosh it got really dangerous when I discovered Swarovski and other sparkly gems. I have tons of them now. Lol But making jewellery for family and friends and being me I wanted to gift them in pretty boxes. Which I must say is difficult when you make custom bits and can be expensive. So off to YouTube I went as I had loads of crafting bits and wanted to save some money.

Everyone was saying they loved my jewellery and other crafty bits and that I should sell them, so I decided I would give it a go and maybe start a business for myself online. That way I could work at my own pace from home and fit it around my daughter with school. Like a lot of people I drove myself insane for about a year trying to recreate projects with what I had seen Stampin’ Up! Demos do and the results just weren’t the same.

At this point I started looking at the Stampin’ Up! Catalogue online and building my wish list of stuff that would help me, I quickly discovered my wish list was huge. At the time there was a special joining offer similar to the Sale-a-bration offer now. It meant I would get £31 more product and 2 extra stamp sets and I could save 20% off everything I ordered afterwards too. Doing the math it actually made Stampin’ Up! Products cheaper than some wholesale items; I could get smaller amounts and have a consistent supply of colour co-ordinating supplies that were exclusive as well as great quality. Now I just needed to raise the cash for the kit. After talking to my mum and asking her advice she said she would help and get it for my birthday that was coming up. (Gotta love a supportive Mumma) So yay I became a Stampin’ Up! Demo and the kit arrived just before my birthday too.

Trying to do a craft business on my own without ever having a business before was starting to be a struggle for me especially when still dealing with ongoing health issues but after discovering more about Stampin’ Up! And attending my first Onstage event I decided that a Stampin’ Up! Business would be better for me. Having the support of my demo sisters has been a massive help in getting me out of the dark side. Being able to share tips and tricks has been invaluable and having a team cheering me on has got me so far out of my comfort zone that now I’m embracing what’s next and looking for new challenges and I love returning that feeling to my sister demos and team and seeing how everyone’s journey is evolving.

Hmm maybe that was a really long way of saying I joined for the discount. Lol But I guess everyone has a different story behind that.


  1. Roselle Blair-Allen

    18th Feb 2018 - 6:31 pm

    Hi, was attracted to your work while looking for ideas to make bags. I just made my first handbag card and was looking for other examples when I came across your demo. It was very clear instructions that made me continue to listen to more. When I was Checking the product list and came up with all the stamping up products I just could not resist and end up spending over a £150. My husband is celebrating his 65th birthday in October and together with the kids we’re planning a Thanksgiving, so I thought oh, this will be great for the coordinating colour I’d like to use. Now that I’ve gotten my delivery I’m now thing I’ll need the punch to make the gift box. I think the crafting is addictive and I get so excited about the colour coordination I’m going bunkers😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. Anyhow please tell me how I can get the celebration catalogue and the coordinating card stock I have the stamps. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Angel

      19th Feb 2018 - 3:00 pm

      Hi Roselle, I’ve sent some catalogues out to you hopefully you will receive them in the next few days.

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