Join my Stampin’ Up! team, It really is Christmas in July!!

OMG, It really is Christmas in July. Stampin’ Up! are spoiling us again and given us an amazing deal if you’re wanting to join my team of Intatwyne Designers!!

July is already a great time to join as it’s the start of a brand new quarter meaning you get the maximum time to hit the minimums of £270 over the quarter. That £270 figure is retail price and all demonstrators get discount so that figure will reduce and roughly works out to around £75 a month, £37.50 per fortnight, £18.50 per week or break it down to the smallest figure it works out to roughly £2.41p a day. See doesn’t seem so scary now does it (I could eat that in Chocolate, Lol).

We have an amazing new bundle of products for Christmas coming out Early on August 1st, only demonstrators can order it in July and New demonstrators will get the stamp set Free!!!! (Yep Free) and that’s not all.

The starter kit is already a great deal as you get £130 of product (you Choose) for just £99 and free shipping. But during Christmas in July you also get the Essentials Gift Pack.

I told you it’s an AMAZING DEAL. So what has Santa included in your Essentials Gift Pack??

That’s £65 worth of essential products!! So your getting £195 of Product for Just £99!!! Pretty amazing, right?

I joined just for the discount but quickly saw the benefits of building a business through Stampin’ Up! now 2 years later I have my own team, a growing my online business and loving my journey everyday. So weather you join for the discount, to fund your hobby or build a business you will not only become part of my team, but the great Global Stampin’ Up! family too.

You’ll get to pre-order products early from our catalogues, (Autumn/winter is next in August) attend exciting events like Onstage where you can spend time with crafters just as excited and zany as you. (Yep others sniff the fresh back of DSP, stroke the catalogue before bed and even kiss their favourite stamp sets. Lol)

I know you will have more questions so have a look on the FAQ page (click Here) I’ve covered most of them in there or for more information click the button below. This offer is only running from 1st – 31st July 2017, So what are you waiting for? Come And Join the Fun!!

The Essentials Gift Pack and the stamp set will be added automatically to the starter kit order so if your ready to join my team you can just click here. If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me and I look forward to welcoming you to the Intatwyne Designers.

If you would like a New Catalogue just fill in the request form on the Catalogue request page (click Here) and i’ll pop one out to you free of charge.

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  1. Leticia Castro

    21st Jul 2017 - 9:29 am

    Hope everything is alright. Miss your videos.

  2. Angel

    25th Jul 2017 - 11:30 am

    I’m Ok thanks Leticia, Back to doing videos this week.

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